Quality awards

SIQT Swiss Brand of the Year 2021/22 – Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

The independet Swiss Institure for Quality Tests (SIQT) examined the brand image of Grischuna among consumers as part of the study «SWISS BRAND OF THE YEAR 2021/22 – Swiss Brand Monitor». Here Grischuna was able to achieve positive resulst in 2021/22: With the rating «OUTSTANDING» Grischuna satisfied customers in Switzerland with their products at the highest level.

Markenmonitor Kundenzufriedenheit quer

Gold and silver.
Gold for Grisons dried meat specialities.

Our quality is well-received: the Churwalden dried meat factory has won several awards at quality competitions of the Fachmesse für Fleischwirtschaft (MEFA) over the last few decades. In 2009, we won several gold medals for our products at the MEFA quality competition and were voted the winner in the categories of dry-cured sausages and dry-cured products. That implies that we are currently considered the best meat drying factory in Switzerland.

Quality prizes 2013

Gold for:
Bündnerfleisch, Grisons dry-cured Ham, Grisons Coppa, Grisons air-dried Landjaeger and minipic

Silver for:
Dry-cured Bacon and traditional Engadine Sausage

Bronze for:
Grisoni, Grisons salsiz

Special Award by Bio Suisse

In order to make consumers aware of organic products that are especially tasty, Bio Suisse awards the ‘Bio-Gourmet-Knospe’ predicate each year. The label guarantees a very high quality of taste for products that have been produced with great care and effort. Very few products that stand out in terms of quality and taste are given a special predicate. We feel very honoured that our dry-cured ham was amongst the seven products that were awarded in 2015.

BioSuisse Special Award (pdf)
Bio-Gourmet-Knospe (pdf)

DLG - German Agricultural Society

Grischuna has for many years had its Bündnerfleisch tasted and judged by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). Unlike the quality competition of the SFF (Swiss Meat Association), this assessment takes place once a year. Grischuna has also achieved some pleasing results in this competition in recent years, which demonstrates that its quality management has been consistently and successfully implemented.

The history of the DLG quality competition since the year 2000 including the highest award

2019 Original Bündnerfleisch gold medal
2016 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2016 Bündnerfleisch eco gold medal  
2016 minipic gold medal  
2014 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2014 Bündnerfleisch eco gold medal  
2014 minipic gold medal  
2012 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2012 minipic gold medal  
2011 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2011 minipic gold medal  
2010 Bündnerfleisch gold medal
2010 minipic gold medal  
2009 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2009 minipic gold medal  
2008 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2007 Bündnerfleisch silver medal  
2006 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2005 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2004 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2003 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2002 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2001 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2000 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  

Download DLG 2019 Bündnerfleisch: 

DFV - Deutscher Fleischer-Verband (German Butcher’s Association)

Süffa Trade Fair for the Butcher’s Trade

We won the gold medal for our Bündnerfleisch in 2009 and 2011 at the international quality competition of the Trade Fair for the Butcher’s Trade (Süffa).

2011 Bündnerfleisch gold medal
2009 Bündnerfleisch gold medal


Download Süffa 2011 competitions certificate:

DFV’s international quality competition

We won the gold medal for our minipic in 2007 at the international quality competition for sausages of the Trade Fair for the Butcher’s Trade.

2007 minipic           gold medal