Dry-cured sausages

Fresh and hearty.
Sausage matters.

Salsiz, grisoni and salami – for our Grisons dry-cured sausage specialities we use beef with evenly distributed small fatty deposits, lean pork and fresh streaky bacon.

We process the meat and bacon in the mincer, turn it into sausage meat, put it into a sausage skin and hang the sausages up in the drying room. Here they are left to improve in flavour for four weeks during which time they are pressed once, with the exception of the salami. By this point they will have lost about a third of their moisture and will be ready to eat.

Salsiz and Grisoni are an ideal snack for hikers. However, the sausages also taste delicious cut into pieces in a polenta or potato gratin.

Tip: the Salsiz is easier to peel if you hold it under lukewarm water shortly beforehand.

Finally, here is a brief description of the Grisons Landjäger sausage.

It has virtually the same ingredients as the one from the lowlands, but our Landjäger is not smoked – it is air-dried. This production process gives it a distinctive, cured flavour. To everyone who prefers the smoked variety: we also have a beechwood smoked version available.